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At times, picking a photographer can be a long and tedious process. Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, please feel free to email us at: 

What types of photography do you specialize in? 

Event/Special Occasion Photography

Company events such as meetings, retreats, conferences, and conventions; book, record, or business launch celebrations; luncheons, galas, banquets, political events, holiday parties, non-profit events, award presentations, and employee/client/customer appreciation events.  


Lifestyle Photography

Family photoshoots, couple photoshoots, friends photoshoots; birthday, bar/bat mitzvahs, Quinceanera/o, Sweet 16 parties; holiday affairs, family/high school/college/fraternity/sorority reunions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, retirement parties, dances, homegoing services, memorial services, and graduation celebrations. 


How do you describe your style of shooting?

We are storytelling photographers. From the start of the event/session to the very last moment, we try our very best to capture every memory making aspect of the event. We love candid moments and real emotions! In our sessions, we focus on the interactions of you and try to give you as much space as possible, but of course also guide you if necessary. We strive to photograph in a storytelling/photojournalistic style. 


Do you offer videography services?  

We do not offer in-house videography services at this time, however we have a wonderful working relationship with a videographer. We do create gorgeous, keepsake photo slideshows of your special moments. Any occasion can be brought to life with a photo slideshow that captures special moments such as, but not limited to: weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, milestones, anniversaries, sports, graduations, travel and vacations, memorials, and homegoings.


The photo (videos can be included) slideshows are available in mp4, MOVI and various digital formats. Still a DVD fan? We will happily provide your photo slideshow on a DVD. Once we have an idea of what you are looking for in your photo/video slideshow, we will provide you with our different package options.  

Are you available to stay longer if we want to hire you for more time on the spot?

Depending on our schedule, yes! Since we generally book one event per day, we can make arrangements to stay longer for an additional fee. The additional fee is payable in full prior to the start of the extended time. 


How many photographers do you bring to an event? 

It depends on the size of the event. For smaller events, there is one photographer capturing the event. For larger events, there can be up to two photographers and an assistant for lighting


How do I reserve you for a photo session or event? 

As soon as we have decided on a date and time for your event, you will then pay the required 50% deposit and you will be officially booked! Click here to book your session now. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

Checks, money orders, and all major credit and debit cards are accepted. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due once your session or event is booked, or when you’ve solicited our design services for photo slideshows.   


  • Bank checks and money orders are payable to Creative Expressions. Personal checks are not accepted. The mailing address is: Creative Expressions, 1633 Flatbush Avenue, Suite 353, Brooklyn, NY 11210 


  • Credit and debit cards are accepted. Click here to access our payment page. 


  • Due to our social distancing practices and safety protocols, cash is not accepted at your session/event at this time. 


How far in advance should we book? 


Once you’ve decided you will need photographic services for your occasion, kindly schedule your initial consultation. The sooner you know the date of your event, the faster you should book to guarantee a reserved spot! 



Once you’ve decided you will need our design services, kindly schedule your initial consultation. While we always strive to do our best, we cannot guarantee a 24 hour turnaround production time. There will be an additional fee for all rush jobs.   


What is the difference between edited photos, and edited and retouched photos? 

All final images are edited for color, saturation, exposure, and sharpness ensuring that each image is on its own the best it can be. For retouched images, we take things a step further by clearing up blemishes, smoothing the skin, and removing as much interference from the background as possible.


Retouched images are transformed from great images into beautiful works of art! 


Do you offer a pre-session consultation? 

Absolutely! The first consultation (30 minutes) is free of charge. The client(s) can request additional consultations for an additional charge per consultation. Click here to schedule your FREE consultation.


  • Before your session or special event, we would invite you to a Zoom meeting and talk about the style of photography you were looking for, the timeline of your event, and some "nitty gritty" details about what you want photographed. We will also mention the different photo packages being offered.  


  • For events, groups, and family sessions, we can either schedule a Zoom meeting or chat over the phone. We’ll discuss location, clothing attire, the type of session you are looking for, and the different photo packages being offered. On any occasion, we always show sample work based on the type of service. 


  • For our design services, we would invite you to a Zoom meeting, and talk about the type of design(s) you’re looking for, the style of the design(s) you’re looking for, the timeline of your product(s), and some details about what you want to be designed. After the initial Zoom meeting, communication will take place via e-mail. If the client requests additional Zoom meetings, there will be an additional charge per meeting. 


How soon are the images available after the event and do you offer albums/framing services?

Typically, we post “sneak peek” images 3-5 days after your event. The full online gallery, along with an app to share the photos will be available 10-14 days after your event.  


We offer several options for prints (wallet size to 30 x 40), canvases, metal prints, eco-friendly bamboo, and more! Your items can also be framed or mounted for your convenience.

How soon are the design/slideshow samples available after the design has been finalized and do you offer printing services? 


  • Typically, your design proof will be ready 2-3 days (time may vary depending on the size of the project) after the final design has been agreed upon. The .pdf proof will be e-mailed to you for approval. After reviewing the proof, your approval of the final design must be provided via e-mail. We do not accept approval via phone, voicemail, nor text messaging.  After the client approves the final proof, and payment in full is completed, the final design will be e-mailed to the client.  


  • A sample of your slideshow typically yields a 7-10 day turnaround time once all photos, video clips, and music selections have been received. Time may vary depending on the size of the project and photo editing requirements. Once the customer approves the final sample, shipping (DVD) will usually take 2-5 days. Faster shipping options are available. 

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Click here to send us your inquiry. 

We thank you!

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