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Nature Photography, Pink Water Lilly
Wildlife Photography, Male Mallard Duck arching his head back
Event Photography, Cardboard Regatta race.
Lifestyle Photography, The Piano Player
C Expressions Merch_Tee_Eat, Sleep, Photograph, Repeat_Website Staff Photo_About Us Page.p

About Us

Our humble beginnings started with two gifted teenage cousins

who dreamed of starting their own creative business. As children, we watched our dads happily walk around with cameras in hand capturing lifetime memories at many family, friend, and milestone events.

We specialize in nature, wildlife, event, and lifestyle photography.

As storytelling photographers and designers, we bring the love of creativity to every client we serve. We also create beautiful keepsake picture slideshows, comfy apparel, and offer stunning prints for your wallet, desk, or wall.

Photography brings us immense joy with every click of the shutter,

and design brings us immense joy with every click of the mouse. If

the picture and/or design does not “move you”, we have not done our job. Let us take photos or create designs that capture your story in its fullness. Click here to book a FREE 30 minute consultation today!

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